Tech demo 1.1 ready!

Hello everyone!

Finally, tech demo 1.1 of #MusclesAndBullets was compiled and is available for public right here! Please check the pinned post for download links.

In short:
– Lightning fast gameplay
– Hundreds of used shells
– Guts, gibs and blood
– Massacre
– Massacre!
– Even more massacre!!1
– Some pain-in-the-neck enemies

All the action is happening in the level one, please remember – this is a technology demo, not the alpha. There are a lot of features to be implemented in the future.

If you dare to try the game, please leave the comment under this post. How hard was the game, how much time does it take you to reach the final boss? Your opinion is extremely important to us!

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A lot of work to do…

It is really hard to make a project like this with a team of two people, but we won’t stop.
Right now we are working on objects and decals. Decals are special decorative images that are “baked” into level’s texture. We have finished creating art assets for a dungeon and desert. The most difficult part was design of sand 🙂
Also, we have drawn all vehicles. We will show them in the next site update. As for now, enjoy our new section: “Project Members”.

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