Editor and game backgrounds are completed

Yes! We have completed game’s map editor! Now we can build huge maps and load every small piece of them separately. Earlier, loading a game map on the Xbox360 has taken quite a while – up to 5 minutes, now it takes less than 10 seconds. Also, we have completed background sprites for different types […]

Scenario Translation and Search for Voice Actors

We have completed the translation of dialogues and cutscenes to English! We started by hiring a freelance translator to make the initial change from Russian to English, then had the script corrected by a native English (American) speaker. Now, we’re working with some talented voice actors and everything is very exciting! We have found the […]

Some changes to game modes

Work in progress! Several days ago we remembered how cool it was to play on console with friends. The two player mode in games like Contra is extremely funny! So, we have decided that it is a good idea to save this classic feature and have added a single screen cooperative mode in our game. […]

Starting the blog! Say hello to: “Muscles And Bullets”

Hello there! We have our very own blog set up, and we are ready to publish information about our project. Ok, let’s get started! We are two middle-aged guys from Russia. Two years ago we started development of our 2D game. The working title was “Soldiers”. Initially, we planned a simple multiplayer shoot ‘em up […]