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Muscles And Bullets have been Greenlit! Newest gameplay video here!

Muscles And Bullets greenlight

Yay! We have been Greenlit!
Check our newest gameplay video!

Recent changes:
– Movement speed increased
– Jump lenght increased
– Player can tumble and do a double jump
– Air control improved
– Various AI improvements
– Bug fixes and performance optimizations




A lot of work to do…

It is really hard to make a project like this with a team of two people, but we won’t stop.
Right now we are working on objects and decals. Decals are special decorative images that are “baked” into level’s texture. We have finished creating art assets for a dungeon and desert. The most difficult part was design of sand 🙂
Also, we have drawn all vehicles. We will show them in the next site update.

Editor and game backgrounds are completed

Yes! We have completed game’s map editor! Now we can build huge maps and load every small piece of them separately. Earlier, loading a game map on the Xbox360 has taken quite a while – up to 5 minutes, now it takes less than 10 seconds. Also, we have completed background sprites for different types of game environments.