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Muscles And Bullets” has been released in Steam early access!

Muscles And Bullets" has been released in Steam early access!

“Muscles And Bullets” has been released in Steam early access and we are really happy about it! 🙂

“Muscles And Bullets” squad is a threat of all terrorists and evil dictators in the world. There are no such forces, walls and bunkers that could stop and protect against them. This game is a super-brutal mess of bullets, meat and dirt! Run-shoot-destroy!


Streamers are welcome!

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So much good news!

And we have several excellent news for the past time!

First of all, we build a new demo-version of the game with a working drill tool on the old map and there are now two mini-bosses in it! The new version is already available for download at the link: demo-version.

The second news – we have updated the site. From a small and modest developer blog in English – it has turned into a resource with screenshots, videos and descriptions, and with the support of the Russian language!

The third news is that we have submitted to participate in the Indie Cup 2019 competition and we will follow the updates.

And one more news – we wrote a small introductory article in Yandex.Dzen, the article is available at the link: Say Zen-hi to “Muscles and Bullets” (Ru-version only)

We need any feedback on the updated demo-version of the game! It helps us to make the game really great! Please support us – put your likes on social networks, write comments, share your impressions of the new demo version.


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Tech demo 1.1 ready!

Hello everyone!

Finally, tech demo 1.1 of “Muscles and Bullets” was compiled and is available for public right here! Please check the pinned post for download links.

In short:
– Lightning fast gameplay
– Hundreds of used shells
– Guts, gibs and blood
– Massacre
– Massacre!
– Even more massacre!!1
– Some pain-in-the-neck enemies

All the action is happening in the level one, please remember – this is a technology demo, not the alpha. There are a lot of features to be implemented in the future.